CARAMELO ARCHITECTS HEADQUARTERS First sustainable architecture office of Brazil. Located at Ondina, Salvador-BA.

Into the 1.267m ² of built area, the use of sustainability principles was present in all items, from the use of recycled and recyclable materials to a strict entry control of luminous flux. The facade of the building has an angle of 11 degrees to reduce the incidence of sunlight on the skin of glass. It will be entirely in special glass with solar control for energy efficiency.

The concern for sustainability has been a constant since the first sketch. In order to significantly reduce energy consumption, we used intelligent elevator system Thyssenkrupp TK-5100, with programmable logic controller, without home machine or gear. The Remaster elevated floor structure also follows the precepts of sustainability, being composed of high strength thermoplastic where the fiber optic cabling will pass through. There will be also capture and treat of rainwater for general use, as well as treatment of gray water for reuse. Among other items.

eco-friendly materials used in the building