Celebrating the highest levels of performance of companies operating in all sectors of the property market, the Americas Property Awards has become a hallmark of excellence with world renowned, granting differential to its winners. Elected at the award as the best of Americas in the category \"Architecture Office\" the building Headquarters of Caramelo Architects Associated, has as its main mark the variety of sustainable and innovative solutions employed in parallel to its unique aesthetic appeal, caused in particular, by the use of materials noble as aluminum composite, high performance glazing and steel deck structure.


Award renowned internationally in the real estate market, the Americas Property Awards, press for the highest levels of development in architecture, focusing on services, sustainability, originality and creativity. Winner of the category \"Archtecture Multiple Residence\" in 2012, the venture Orizon View Houses is endowed with two towers with nine floors, two units per floor and volumetric forms diluted in horizontal: solution that ennobles its facade and favors the beautiful view of the place.


Considered the largest architectural award in Latin America, the Grand Prix of Enterprise Architecture reached its 9th edition in 2012, when the Caramelo Associated Architects and Syene Ventures have been awarded with the project Syene Corporate in Green Building category, multipurpose sector. The event was part of the actions of the 14th ArquiShow Office Solution, enterprise solutions fair held in São Paulo, at the Transamerica Expo Center.

ADEMI - 2012

The 5th conquest of the award Architect of the Year ADEMI-BA, had as its main brand the presented case: Syene Corporate of the Syene Ventures. Considered the first commercial building Green Building North and Northeast, the Syene Corporate is also holder of the Seal of High Environmental Quality (AQUA). The delivery of the awards event was attended by authorities and businessmen linked to the segment, besides the participation of actress Totia Meireles as master of ceremonies.

Ademi 2011

With the dedication and tireless search for the best solutions, the Caramalo Archtects won the fourth \"Architect of the Year\" in ADEMI BA-2011, with the project of Hangar Business Park, a realization of OR Odebrecht Real Estate Developments. The project, the first Business Park in Salvador, was a challenge and satisfaction in it\'s development, adding one more great pride in the list of Caramel Architects.

The Bizz Awards 2010

Another important award that gives recognition in search of quality for the continued development, The Bizz 2010, granted by WORLDCOB (World Confederation of Enterprises), was given to Caramelo Architects for it\'s prominent service providers in Brazil, honoring the office with the title \"Business Excellence\".

Prêmio Sustentabilidade O.P.B. 2010

The 2010 Sustainability Award in the category \"Architecture and Urbanism\" given by the Order of Parliamentary of Brazil, brought to Caramelo recognition and prominence as a company adept at solutions ecologically viable, socially just and culturally accepted, supplying the needs of the present generation without affecting the future.

Prêmio Top of Quality O.P.B. 2009

Twenty companies are awarded annually in the main capitals of Brazil for their commitment and concern for the professional quality of its products and services, the Top of Quality award, granted in 2009 by OPB in category \"Architecture and Urbanism\" testified the pursuit of excellence, a typical feature in all projects Caramelo Architects.

Ademi 2009

The third architect of the year prize of ADEMI BA in 2009, came to crown a 2008 of major accomplishments, among them Horto Bela Vista, a building JHSF mergers. The project promoted the highest social return has already been applied to a project, among the over one thousand projects already developed by Caramelo Architects, giving it a special glow in the midst of others.

Ademi 2008

The Ademi Prize – Architect of the Year was won for the second time in 2008, when Caramelo competed with the market’s well known architects and great projects. His project case includes multi-residential highlights such as the Salvador Prime, from the Syene Empreendimentos, one of the first multipurpose complexes to be launched in Salvador. The premiere party, which occurred at the Unique Eventos, counted on an emotional speech from the architect, dedicated to his wife Iara.
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Ademi 2006

In 2006, for the first time Caramelo competed for the Ademi Prize, considered to be the Oscar of Bahia’s real estate market, in the “Architect of the Year” category. With a large collection of launched projects the year before, among them the Vale do Loire, from Odebrecht, Caramelo received the title from the hands of the entity’s president, Gustavo Amoêdo. The prize was celebrated with a big party at the Pestana Hotel, where authorities and businessmen from the sector got together.
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